Price List

Marco Invest pricing is transparent, and the service does not involve any hidden costs.

  • You only pay for the use of the credit
  • The withdrawal fee is 15% of the withdrawn amount
    Withdrawal fee for the first withdrawal of a new customer is 0% when the withdrawn amount does not exceed €1000
  • No other fees when the full credit is repaid on the first due date
  • Interest-free payment period of 45 days on average
  • Total payment period of up to 25 months
  • In case of multiple payments, the minimum installment is 12.5% of the outstanding balance, but not less than €50 and not more than €250
  • When paying in installments, a monthly interest rate of 8.9% will be calculated on the remaining balance after the installment payment
  • The nominal annual interest rate for the loan is 106.8%

According to the Consumer Protection Act, the actual annual interest rate for an €800 loan with a payment period of 12 months, for example, is 163.98%.

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