Loan Terms

The conditions under which JW-Group Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the Lender) grants a Marco Invest Account Credit (hereinafter referred to as the Credit) to the person applying for it (hereinafter referred to as the Borrower) are defined below.

1 Financing Grant

A lender may grant a loan to a Finnish citizen aged 21 to 70 who has managed their finances well and is creditworthy, who has a public mobile phone subscription, a postal address, and permanent residency in Finland. The lender verifies the personal data of the loan applicant from the Population Information System and credit information from Bisnode Finland Oy. The lender has the right to reject the loan application without providing a reason.

In order to verify the borrower's financial situation, the lender may require the borrower to provide a copy of a pay slip or bank statement.

The Borrower gives their consent to the Lender: To collect and process information received from other lenders, the Lender discloses information about the Borrower to other lenders belonging to the inquiry system managed by Suomen Asiakastieto Oy.

2 Credit Agreement

A credit agreement is created when the borrower submits a confirmed credit application to the lender, and the lender approves and grants the credit. The agreement includes a credit application with attachments, a credit agreement, and general terms and conditions. Once the credit agreement is concluded, the borrower can view the status of their credit in the online service provided by the lender.

The credit application is always personal. The credit agreement is valid until further notice.

3 Use of Credit

In the credit application, the borrower specifies the Finnish bank account to which withdrawals are directed and the Finnish mobile phone number, which can be used to make withdrawals. Changes to the above information can only be made through the lender's online service.

Marco Invest - instructions for overdraft withdrawals are available at www. The minimum withdrawal limit for a single withdrawal is 10 euros. A withdrawal fee of 15% is charged for each withdrawal.

If the borrower has defaulted on payment or otherwise failed to comply with the overdraft terms, the lender has the right to prevent further withdrawals.

4 Credit Limit

The lender and the borrower will mutually determine the total credit limit for the Marco Invest account credit, which will be 2,000 EUR. The borrower has the right to make free withdrawals within the specified credit limit for their account. The withdrawals made are deducted from the available credit limit.

5 Credit Fees and Repayment

Marco Invest - there are no fixed annual or monthly fees for an overdraft. When using the credit, the borrower pays a withdrawal fee of 15% of the amount to be drawn at a given time. No withdrawal fee will be charged for the first withdrawal of a new customer when the withdrawal amount is between 10 and 1,000 EUR.

The loan is repaid in installments. The minimum repayment of the credit is 12.5% of the outstanding balance at the time of billing, but always a minimum of 50 EUR and a maximum of 250 EUR. If the outstanding balance is less than 50 euros, the installment must cover the entire outstanding balance. Ancillary costs related to credit withdrawal, such as payments for mobile phone use, are always the responsibility of the borrower.

Credit withdrawals and withdrawal fees are interest-free until the next due date following their billing. According to the credit agreement, the borrower is required to pay a monthly interest of 8.9% on the outstanding balance, which corresponds to an annual nominal interest rate of 106.8%. The balance includes the amount of the withdrawn credit, the withdrawal fees incurred to increase the credit, and the accrued monthly interest. The monthly interest rate is calculated based on the actual days of the month. The average interest-free payment period is 45 days.

Annual Percentage Rate under the Consumer Protection Act and calculation examples:

According to the Consumer Protection Act, the actual annual interest rate consists of a withdrawal fee and a credit interest rate.

According to the Consumer Protection Act, the actual annual interest rate for an 800 EUR loan with a repayment period of 12 months, for example, is 163.98%.

Below is an example of repayment for an 800 EUR loan if the loan was drawn in a single withdrawal and repaid in equal installments. Please note that this is just an example. The amounts and repayment installment amounts of the loan change depending on the timing of the loan withdrawal, withdrawal amounts, and payments.
The payment allocation order is as follows: interest collection fee - principal. The example includes a withdrawal fee of 15%.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
117,39 € 117,39 € 117,39 € 117,39 € 117,39 € 117,39 € 117,39 € 117,39 € 117,39 € 117,39 € 117,39 € 117,38 €

The borrower has the right to make a monthly payment higher than the minimum installment without any additional fees resulting from early repayment, in which case the excess amount over the minimum installment reduces the outstanding credit balance. The amount of the down payment cannot exceed the corresponding amount of the outstanding credit.

The client has the right to request one month without payment twice a year. A month without payment means that the client does not pay the installment or the interest. The accrued interest from the previous month must be paid on the invoice of the following month. The free months can be applied twice a year, but they must not be consecutive calendar months. No payment waiver can be applied for the first credit installment. However, the lender always has the right to refuse granting a waiver.

6 Termination of the credit agreement

The notice period for the credit agreement is one (1) month for both the lender and the borrower. The termination of the agreement must be done in writing, either by mail or email. After termination, the outstanding debt must be repaid according to the terms of the agreement.

7 Late payment

Statutory late payment fees will be charged for a payment reminder sent due to a late payment. After the payment reminder, the creditor reserves the right to transfer the unpaid payment to an external collection service without prior notice. The collection will be charged for the actual incurred fees. An unpaid credit can be followed by an entry in the credit information registry. The creditor takes into account the provisions of Chapter 7, Article 34 of the Consumer Protection Act regarding payment delays due to reasons beyond the customer's control. If the installments are not paid by the due date, the borrower is obligated to pay annual interest on the outstanding amount according to Article 4 of the Interest Act. The default interest rate according to Article 4, Paragraph 2 of the Interest Act is 49% for a credit account with Marco Invest.

8 Recording of non-payment in the credit information registry

The lender has the right to report the non-payment to the credit information registry if the payment due from the borrower is more than 60 days from the initial due date and at least three weeks have passed since the payment request was sent to the borrower indicating the possibility of recording the default.

9 Exceptional credit maturity

The lender has the right to defer the entire credit if the borrower defaults on payments under the contract with a delay of at least one month and still unpaid and at least 10%, or if more than one installment is involved, at least 5% of the initial credit amount, or it encompasses the entire remaining claim. The due date cannot take effect more than four weeks after sending the due date notification to the borrower. If the borrower has been previously informed of a delay or other contract breach, the due date cannot take effect more than two weeks after sending the due date notification. If, within the above timeframe, the borrower pays the full amount due, the due date expires without prior notice. The loan must be immediately repaid upon the request of the lender, even if the borrower deceases or is declared bankrupt.

The creditor does not have the right to repay the loan in the aforementioned manner if the payment delay is due to the consumer's illness, unemployment, or any other comparable circumstance beyond their control as defined in Chapter 7, Article 34 of the Consumer Protection Act, unless it is unreasonable. The creditor must be immediately informed of the default.

10 Restricting access to credit

If the borrower defaults on payments under the credit agreement or otherwise acts in violation of the contract terms, the lender is entitled to restrict the right to use the Marco Invest account by reducing the credit limit or preventing new withdrawals. The lender also has the right to take action as described above due to another late payment by the borrower, contract breach, public default, or for any other reason.

11 Right of withdrawal

The borrower has the right to cancel the loan agreement within fourteen (14) days from the conclusion of the contract or from the later date on which the borrower received all the preliminary information in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act.

The notice of cancellation must be given in writing and must include at least the following information:

- Borrower's name and personal identification number
- Notice of termination
- Place and date
- Borrower's handwritten signature

The cancellation notices must be submitted in writing to the creditor's address:

J.W.-Yhtiöt Oy


In case of cancellation, the borrower is required to pay the lender compensation for the actual annual interest rate of the loan for the period during which the credit was made available to the borrower.

In case of cancellation, the borrower is required to pay the lender interest on the credit for the period during which the credit was made available to the borrower. In the case of a loan amount less than 200 EUR, the lender has the right to charge the borrower the actual annual interest rate of the loan for the period during which the loan was made available to the borrower. The borrower undertakes to return to the lender the funds received under the Loan Agreement within 30 days of sending the notice of cancellation. If the borrower fails to repay the received funds within the aforementioned timeframe, the cancellation will be considered void.

12 Force majeure

The lender will not be liable for delays and damages resulting from a force majeure event beyond their control. Force majeure is considered an unforeseeable circumstance or a change of circumstances that the creditor cannot reasonably overcome. The lender is obliged to inform the borrower promptly of any force majeure events.

13 Other terms

The borrower will promptly inform the lender of any changes in address and name. The lender has the right to transfer their rights under this agreement to a third party. The lender also has the right to reject a credit application that has already been approved if, after approval, elements have been identified that significantly affect the decision to grant credit.

14 Responsibilities of the parties

Under no circumstances will the lender be held responsible for the borrower's inability to withdraw or use the amount deposited into the specified account in the credit application due to account access, margin, lack of payment instrument, or a comparable reason. The drawn credit is deposited into the borrower's account exclusively based on the account number provided by the borrower, in accordance with the general terms and conditions of domestic payment intermediation established by the Finnish Bankers' Association. It is the borrower's responsibility to ensure that their personal financial situation allows them to comply with the terms of this Credit Agreement.

The lender will not be liable for direct, indirect, or consequential damages resulting from any interruption or error in the service. Under no circumstances will the lender be held responsible for any communication interruptions, such as delays, disappearances, incorrect messages, or similar error situations. The lender will not be responsible for errors or malfunctions of external service providers related to the provision of the Service.

15 Changes to the general terms and conditions

16 Disputes

If disputes arising from this customer relationship cannot be resolved through negotiations between the parties, the borrower has the right to bring the matter before the Consumer Disputes Board. Before approaching the Consumer Disputes Board, the borrower must contact the consumer advisory service at the municipality.

These terms and conditions do not diminish the borrower's rights under the Consumer Protection Act. Finnish law applies to the provision of this service. Disputes arising from this agreement will be finally resolved in the district court of the applicant's place of residence. If the borrower does not have a domicile, the matter will be resolved in the Päijät-Häme district court.

17 Confidentiality

The borrower's information is stored in the lender's customer register, where the information is used to manage a normal customer relationship.

The credit applicant grants the lender the right to compile and record the information provided in the loan application, as well as credit information received from credit information companies. Unless expressly prohibited by the applicant, the creditor and companies belonging to the same group as the applicant also have the right to use the applicant's information for direct marketing purposes (including electronic direct marketing) in accordance with applicable law.

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